Saradiro E Services Private Limited - Why-Us


Saradiro has a strong reputation for technical excellence, innovation and fair pricing. Most of the services that Saradiro services today utilize proprietary processes, our own unique ingredients or state-of-the-art food technology, giving Saradiro has a distinct market advantage and customer satisfaction as well as significant cost advantage.

Strong customer base in south India and expanding pan India. As a food consultancy based Services provider, our service grows and builds up a strong partnership with our ever growing customers and clients, gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing and unique products to our customers. All this, combined with our large scale manufacturing operations, gives us the ability to be able to service the food industry.

Our repeated clients comes to us

because......... We provide practical solutions to their problems while assisting them in meeting the food regulatory requirements and we respond to selected global concerns through our associations with expert in USA.

Our client stay with us because........

  • We provide quality service at a reasonable cost
  • We meet their time frames, and
  • We understand the importance of time to their bottom line.