Title Description Level of Participant Type
Food safety framework in cold chain business 2 day Abundant Opportunities: Lets All Go Out and Grab Them Senior Management/Technical Staff/Quality Assurance/Ratail Operations Manager/ Onsite/Offsite/
High lights of FSMA acts for Indian exporter 1 day With Global changing scenario Indian exporter must understand the requirement of USFDA/FSMA - How to compliance with this standard CEO/Directors/Senior Management/ Onsite/Offsite/
cGMP for food industry 2 days Current GMP standard changing fast to compile with global food regulatory standards Course: 2013/004 CEO/Directors/Senior Management/Operations Manager/ Onsite/Offsite/
Prerequisites programs 2 day Prerequisites program are fundamental blocks of food safety management system Senior Management/Operations Manager/Food Safety Staff/Quality Manager/ Onsite/Offsite/
Basic HACCP 2 day This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the basic HACCP requirements for processing and manufacturing. Operations/Quality/Excutives in Manufacturing retail etc.,/ Onsite/Offsite/
FSSAI Act 2006 awareness program 1 days Keep yourself update with Indian food regulation changes.. CEO/Directors/Senior Management/All level of Staffs/ Onsite/Offsite/
Intermediate HACCP 2 days Know in depth the development and implementation of HACCP. Middle Management Excutives/Higher Management Excutives/ Onsite/Offsite/
Advance HACCP 2 days Experienced food safety professional to gain hands on HACCP development and Implementation. Middle Management Excutives/Higher Management Excutives/ Onsite/Offsite/
Root cause analysis 2 days Root cause is that most basic reason for undesirable conditions or problems, which, if eliminated or corrected, would have prevented it from existing CEO/Directors/Senior Management/ Onsite/Offsite/
Food safety concern for maintenance staff 2 days Maintenance staffs need to know about food safety concern and issue while working in food industry to prevent cross contamination Senior Management/Maintenance Staff/ Onsite/Offsite/
Traceability & recall program 2 days Keep the food safety system robust by developing and implementing traceability and Product recall. Operations/Quality/Production/Senior Management-technical/ Onsite/Offsite/
Validation & verification of food safety control measures 2 days Growing need of food industries to comply with for food safety control measures hence is must for everyone who deal in food industry.. Operations/Quality/Production/Senior Management-technical/ Onsite/Offsite/
Internal audit 2 days Cross check the system implement as indented purpose is met. Operations/Quality/Production/Senior Management-technical/ Onsite/Offsite/
ISO 22000 FSMS Standard 3 days Most versatile food safety standards for those who just begin their food safety journey Operations/Quality/Production/Senior Management-technical/ Onsite/Offsite/
FSSAI Act 2006 for Manager 1 day Food safety standards for decision makers in Indian food industry CEO/Directors/Senior Management/ Onsite/Offsite/